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“… Explore living history while tasting the award-winning products of this historical site.”
Ralph Kyte-Powell, The Wine Regions of Victoria, 2006

Discover Chaperon’s stunning range of locally produced single estate wines that showcase the balance, richness and intensity of both the vineyard and growing season. We have been producing these wines for generations, and are very proud of the product we are able to present to our customers today. 

At Grange Hill winery, we are passion about making sumptuous wine that reflects its origins and vintage with minimal intervention in the fermentation process. Try one of our delicious drops today to taste the Victorian vineyard region at its absolute best.

A Rich History of Beautiful Wine

Edward Bond first established Chaperon Wines in 1871 after his family moved to Australia and purchased a neighbouring property in 1856. Business for ‘Grange Hill’ flourished in the late 1800s, with a large vineyard planted, a small winery and assorted barrel storage and fermentation sheds built.

The Bond family had extensive holdings and was a significant player in the wine industry of the Central Victorian Goldfields region with, at one stage, two vineyards, two wineries and a merchant outlet in Ballarat.

The business continued to build on their successful traditions, and the company is still flourishing today. Chaperon’s award winning wines made at Grange Hill vineyard can now be found throughout Australia.

Our Story

In January 1994 Russell Clarke bought the property ‘Grange Hill’ and began the process of replanting the vineyard and restoring the old winery buildings. 
Determined to show people the old ways of the Victorian wine region and bring the property back to its former glory, Russell has invested many thousands of man hours.

Russell recalls proudly “After re-establishing the vineyard, we set about restoring the buildings which continue to house the winery, cellar door and fermentation shed. The Original construction was of handmade bricks that had been produced onsite with the fermentation shed made of rough-hewn split logs”.

The vineyard and winery we see today pays homage to the rich tradition of the land on which it is build. Come and discover it for yourself at Grange Hill winery, regional Victoria.
Group of couples together in the vineyard

A Passion for the Perfect Vineyard

The Grange Hill Vineyard was established over tour separate plantings. Russell learned very early from Graham Due that soil preparation is the most important ingredient when it comes to establishing a dry land vineyard. Russell prepared the soil, planted cover crops and the vines all on their own rootstock. For a period of four years, all vineyard duties were performed by hand brush cutting, spraying and weed control so we can minimal soil compaction. Russell continues these practices where possible to allow the vines to spread their roots and become stronger.

At Chaperon Wines, we have three separate Shiraz blocks trellised and three separate Grenache and Mourvedre blocks as bush vines. Each block has different heights, pruning techniques, soil preparation, and is picked at separate times to add complexity to our wines.

When it comes to picking the grapes, Russell and Angelina choose when to pick them. There is a period of four or five days when the fruit is at its peak. Each block is small enough that we can pick within this period. We process the grapes in the vineyard, which means on average our fruit is processed within one hour. Most years we have a picking party with friends and family. But, let me tell you, it’s more about the party than the picking!

Award Winning Victorian Wine Makers

The team at Chaperon Wines are passionate about crafting delicious wine that is true to its origins. We are experts in the field, leading us to winning awards of high esteem in the Victorian wine region. 
Russell Clarke

Meet Russell

Meet Russell Clarke, head wine maker at Grange Hill vineyard. Russell has worked tirelessly to restore the vineyard and winery to its former glory. He is an expert in crafting stunning wines, and puts in the extra effort required to take our wines and our vineyard to the next level.

“My aim is to make wines that reflect their origins and vintage with minimal intervention in the wine making process” 
- Russell Clarke, Wine Maker

Sumptuous Vintage Victorian Wines

The team at Chaperon Wines are passionate abouGrange Hill Vineyard produces single estate wines of balance, richness and intensity that reflect both the vineyard and growing season. Our historic ‘Grangehill’ Winery where we handcraft our wines dates back to the 1800s. The vineyard has been established using traditional dry land viticulture and organic methods. The low yielding dry grown vines produce exceptionally concentrated fruit. In the winery we use traditional methods of basket pressing and hand plunging to craft our softly textured wines matured in French and American Oak barriques.t crafting delicious wine that is true to its origins. We are experts in the field, leading us to winning awards of high esteem in the Victorian wine region. 

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Customer Reviews

At Chaperon Wines, we like to let our customers do the talking. Continue reading to discover what people are saying about our award winning, Victorian wines. The whole selection has been handcrafted at Grange Hill winery by our expert winemakers, tirelessly refined to reflect the rich history of the area.

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The range from Chaperon Wines is stunningly handcrafted to reflect the rich history and balance of the Grange Hill vineyard. We invite you to discover and explore living history while tasting the award winning products of this historic site in the heart of the Victorian wine region.

For more information on our selection, or in visiting our winery, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. Alternatively, please full out the form below and we will respond as soon as possible.

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